Another #Team Kornetsky country is heard from….

        Look what came today!  (shown with the US edition, for comparison).  The Japanese translation of COLLARED (translated by Momoko Wani)!   I really love the cover – the expression on the cat’s face is SO Mistress Penny-Drops, and the gentle touches on the shar-pei say “Georgie” to me so beautifully….  

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Praise for Team Kornetsky!

FIXED was mentioned in Publishers Weekly’s “Beyond Her Book” blog! “I sure like the opportunity to read mysteries that aren’t all shoot-’em-up or violent, so the calm and cerebral investigations L.A Kornetsky offers are refreshing. To my way of thinking, it’s a plus that Ginny’s dog and Tonica’s companion cat are quietly driving forces in

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And this morning…

I have the post-book-launch, post-excitement-of-the-AMA, post-Supernatural-premiere emotional drop. Or is it a droop? For those who missed it yesterday: the new Gin & Tonic book is out! we have a new book giveaway! (both print and digital) my possibly spoilery, slightly flailing commentaries on last night’s Supernatural and Person of Interest (via Tumblr) the aftermath of

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