Want a Book? Find a Meerkat!

I’m a little scattered and busy today, celebrating the release of FIXED, but if you can track me down, you can try to shake me down for a copy of FIXED, the newest Gin & Tonic Investigations and a BONUS! copy of HEART OF FIRE!

All you have to do is, well, find the meerkats hidden throughout this website, and email me at lag@lauraannegilman.net with the pages they’re on, with the phrase “Give me a book or the mongoose gets it!”  by 12:01Am on Saturday (Eastern time)


(hint: there are more than three, and less than seven hidden, and does NOT include any “Practical Meerkat” posts or the related icon… )


Fine Print (in regular type)

1. One digital book and one print book will be awarded

2. All winners will be selected from the entries by random meerkat

3. The officials retain the right to award more than one print edition, if so moved.

4. all meerkats are the property of their creators and need to be returned unharmed for prizes to be awarded.

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