*buffs nails, smirks*

For those who’ve read the earlier Gin & Tonic books, I’m pleased to say that Agent Asuri is back.

And she and Ginny are just as much fun to write in-conversation as ever.

“I know that you would not interfere with a police investigation. And I know that you have at least enough sense to be aware that you’re a person of interest, by virtue of [plot redacted].” Asuri held up a hand. Her nails were cut short, polished with a dark red that, on her, looked professional as hell. Ginny was envious. “Yes, I am aware of your claim that [plot redacted] and I’m also aware that you have no reason to trust the local police to believe you and so might be contemplating investigating this on your own, to cover your own ass.”

Ginny tried to come up with a suitable “never would I ever” response, but came up blank. Because the agent was right, of course. On all counts.

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