L. A. Kornetsky

Drink, er, READ up!

The 4th Gin & Tonic mystery,CLAWED, is out today! Which means all 4 Gin & Tonic mysteries are now available for your binging pleasure.. Read Responsibily! (ah, screw that.  Read irresponsibly!  Read wildly, flagrantly, with mad abandon.  Wallow in words!)


This landed in the old in-box today, via my publicist at S&S….       With a magazine circulation of about 200,000, go Team Kornetsky!   B&N| Simon & Schuster |Indiebound |Book Depository | Indigo/Chapters|Mysterious Galaxy|Seattle Mystery Bookshop  

Puppy (and kitten, and human) love!

A new review for L.A. Kornetsky’s DOGHOUSE! (if you’re too busy to click through, I’ll give you the sum-up: “Explosions, bar brawls, and intelligent sleuths combine for a great read. I’d recommend it to fans of cozy mysteries.” - Krista McKeeth  Woo!)      

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