Uncanny Times

“So.” Aaron had a smile on his face, perhaps unseemly so soon after the news of a relative’s death, however distant, but she knew her brother, and understood him. “We’re off to . . . where are we off to?”

“Brunson.” Rosemary’d always had a better grasp of geography than him. “Upstate New York, on the shores of Lake Ontario.”

“In November. Joyous is the life of man.” But his grin didn’t waver, and after a moment, Rosemary felt a smile of her own joining his. The man’s death was a tragedy, of course, but they were Huntsmen, and Huntsmen were not meant to sit home by the fire.

The year is 1913.  America – and the world – trembles on the edge a modern age.  Political and social unrest shift the foundations, technology is beginning to make its mark.

But in the shadows, things from the past still move.  Things inhuman, uncanny.

And the Uncanny are no friend to humanity.

But when Aaron and Rosemary Harker go to investigate the suspicious death of a distant relative, what they discover could turn their world upside down – and change the Huntsmen forever.

“Gilman’s incredible skills as a world builder are on full display in this terrific start to her new Huntsmen series. Readers will particularly enjoy the realistic banter of the sibling protagonists within this cozy mystery that packs a punch when least expected.”-Booklist

“(A) lush, atmospheric historical fantasy. Gilman’s fluid prose effortlessly evokes the social and industrial upheaval of 1913…evocative descriptions blend history with rich supernatural lore, while finely interwoven intrigues promise great things to come from this gas lamp fantasy series. Readers will be eager for more.” -Publishers Weekly

“Gilman makes us care about the characters, who they are, what they are, to themselves, to each other and the world around them.” -Nerds of a Feather

“This book is probably my favorite thing that she’s ever done… a fast-paced novel with a solid mystery and really great character interactions. Tense B&B dinners! Grisly crime scenes! A demon-hunting hell hound! Gilman always has interesting things to say about the lines between what makes us human and what actually makes a monster, and this series is no different. Did I mention I think it’s her best yet? I’m giving it 4.5 stars, with room to grow!” -Waiting for Fairies

Buzzfeed listed UNCANNY TIMES as “One of 16 New Historical Fiction Books To Cozy Up With This Fall” and called it “an atmospheric and delightfully spooky historical fantasy that’s perfect for fall reading.”