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It feels odd, in the middle of *makes helpless gesture at America* all this to be talking about new books, but it’s maybe also exactly when we need to talk about new books? Or, in this case, the return of an older book. And one with unexpected relevance to current* days. Because BRING IT ON, […]

Today, the Author’s Revised Edition of CURSE THE DARK hits the stores.  Mostly. I say mostly, because due to probably unavoidably delays everywhere, the print edition isn’t ready yet (and will take longer to ship once ordered), and B&N hasn’t gotten the digital edition loaded, although it’s available at All Amazons, Kobo, and Apple. But […]

Staying Dead Lives!

Many many years ago, when I was a new writer trying to get an editor’s attention*, my agent was submitting two different projects – one, a historical fantasy, the other a contemporary fantasy.  While they were doing the rounds, I had lunch with a friend of mine,who happened to be starting up a new fantasy […]