Friday Posting…

Yesterday I spent mostly putting out various fires. Today, I’m gathering kindling. No doubt, by Monday, I’ll be putting out fires again. Somewhere in there I suppose is also carry water…

Today is Team Kornetsky, working on the revisions to Gin & Tonic #3, which will NOT be called DOGHOUSE. Unless it is. It’s the perfect title, really, but the sales force thinks it’s got too much resonance with “husbands in trouble.” Not that any of them are projecting, at all…

*blinks innocently*

This weekend is going to be a blitz of All The Work, because I’ve set a deadline of Monday, Damn it, to get things off my desk.

Meanwhile, I’m noodling along on the opening scene of WORK OF HUNTERS. Have you backed the Kickstarter yet? If not – why not? Do you hate adorable hard-nosed fauns with a permit to carry? Do you have something against young women figuring out and owning their awesome shit, magical and otherwise? DO YOU HATE PUPPIES?

(or, PUPIs?)

I apologize to those who are seeing the Kickstarter reminders every day (especially if you’ve already become a backer). The sooner we hit 100% funding, the fewer updates I’ll have to make. That’s just a friendly reminder…. *g*

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