The Vineart War Trilogy

Book 3: The Shattered Vine

Two thousand years ago, a demigod split the world between Vinearts and men of power, setting his heirs, the Washers, to guard the balance. But even gods fail, and now the Lands Vin are wracked by rumor, revolt, and inexplicable violence. Vineart Jerzy must track the source, accompanied by the only three people he trusts: […]

Book 2:Weight of Stone

Paperback edition Amazon | B& | BooksAMillion| Simon&Schuster | Book Depository Audiobook: Tantor Media | B&N | An island nation has vanished. Men of honor and magic have died unnatural deaths. Slaves flee in terror. . . . Are the Silent Gods beginning to speak? Or is another force at work? Jerzy, Vineart apprentice and former slave, was sent by his master to investigate strange […]

Book 1:Flesh & Fire

The Vineart War, Book 1: Flesh and Fire FLESH AND FIRE was a Nebula nominee for Best Novel of 2009! FLESH AND FIRE on Library Journal’s “Best Books of 2009” list! A brief overview of THE VINEART WAR (Simon& Mass Market edition:Amazon | B& | BooksAMillion | Simon&Schuster Audiobook:Tantor Media | B&N |

Flesh and Fire

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