A Book By Its Cover….

To celebrate the release of LIGHTNING STRIKES, I’m turning the blog over to my cover designer (and awesome writer in her own right), Natania Barron, to talk about how we got the “look” for the Cosa Nostradamus….. ———————— Like many things in life, I came to book cover design sideways. Fine Art, in general, was …

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#TBT all the way to 2003, when I first saw the art that would become the cover of my first original book, STAYING DEAD. That was my favorite cover of all my work ever… until now. Now there’s maybe a new winner.  *g*


So on Friday, I finally saw the almost-finished cover for SILVER ON THE ROAD. And I had some nitpicks, because, well, ARTISTS, she said in mock disgust. But overall? I kind of fucking love it. But it’s not Officially Finished Yet.  So I can’t show it to anyone. *flails and dies a little*

Don’t Read This Book (but you should. And you will)

I admit it, I am posting just so I can share the fabulousness that is this cover. …and hint at the fabulousness inside. Seriously. There isn’t much that could get me to say “sure, I’ll write an RPG tie-in story…” except this world. OMG this world, how could I NOT?  Also, check that ToC.  Just …

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