A snippet! A snippet for the hounds!

“Perhaps indeed I was, and perhaps I wasn’t and what’s dead to the wind and bones?” He spoke lightly, but there was a deepness to it that Izzy felt, the way she thought she’d feel loneliness or sorrow, an ache that stretched from her mouth to her ribs, a twisting line of darkness, hard and hollow.

Occasionally, this book fucking guts me. Those are the good writing days.

Averaging about 10k/week on this, and another 5K/week on the 4th Gin & Tonic. I’d like to do more, but then I’d be falling behind on other (editorial-ish) deadlines, and that’s a no-go.  Still, if I can keep this up reasonably well, the deadlines will come at an easy trot, not a mad, heart-thumping dash.

That would be a nice change.sam sunglasses is done

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