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“A gripping adventure from start to finish, DRAGON VIRUS is highly recommended.”   — Midwest Book Review




As some of y’all know, this project was a work of pure writer affection & determination – but I had NO idea what sort of reaction would greet it.  So every positive review from reviewer or reader, just… yays me.  Especially when the reader gets it, really hears what I was trying to say with these stories….



Well, the write-a-thon check -in got derailed when LJ went down under the DDoS attacks, but I am pleased to say that, four days from the end, I’ve reached 20,305 words on the rough draft, thereby meeting/exceeding my word-count goal (although I suspect the story still has another thousand or so words to spin out).

When it’s finished, it will become part of a connected-novella project I hope to have out early next year.  So you’ll be hearing more about it …later.  :-)


For those who can’t wait for new fiction that long, however, I’m pleased to say that my story “Crossroads” is up at Fantasy Magazine this month.  You can either download the entire magazine for the really-quite-reasonable price of $2.99 (and get stories from Michael Swanwick and Nisi Shawl, an essay on folklore from Saladin Ahmed, and more!) or you can waaaaaait until the 15th, when my story will be featured on the website.


And in the meanwhile, I’m back at work on the mystery (13,500 words – still no contract), and dealing with proofs for TRICKS OF THE TRADE (November 2011), and sliding back into working on BEYOND THE REAL because some things don’t care if you have a contract or not – they want to get written.

Oh.  And there are two short stories I’m supposed to have done by September.  Um.  Yeah.  *gets the hell offline*