You did WHAT, Gilman?

from CE Murphy’s blog:

“I have accepted [info]desperance/Chaz’s challenge, and will be writing a novel in five weeks.

Chaz is already ahead; he has 15K of an 80K novel written, and I have, um. Five or ten hand-written pages of a 60K novel written. More alarmingly, I have a Walker Papers proposal and a short story to do, both of which really need to be done before the novel. BUT I SHALL NOT DESPAIR.”

And because a) the write-a-thon taught me nothing and b) I can’t see a challenge go by without thinking “oooo, sounds like fun” I said “hey, can I play, too?

Apparently, I can.  We start Monday.

*headdesks, makes more coffee*

I also have 15k words written, of a 70k novel.  I s’pose I’m technically in the lead, when we start.  This situation will not hold, I know those two.  Plus, they’re six hours ahead of me.  I’ll wake up and already be behind…

Um.  Zoom?

Edited to Add:  Update on the Who and When.  Short version: 60k in 5 weeks), and many of us are insane.

6 thoughts on “You did WHAT, Gilman?”

  1. Sleep is for the weak and, um, sane? More seriously, Chaz is also traveling during that time period, so I suspect thi is more a “five weeks within two months” sort of thing.

    Having deadlines (and competition) focuses my mind wonderfully. The fact that the ‘failure’ won’t actually impact my real deadline helps, too.

  2. Wow, that IS crazy. And you have Dragoncon in that five weeks also.

    I am sure you have it in you to open a can of whoopass on this challenge! Good luck!

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