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I am informed that the newest version of FireFox doesn’t show the “add RSS feed” button in the usual spot.  My webmaster is aware of the issue and is going to be working on it.  If you have other tire-kicking discoveries, please let me know – but be aware that fixes take a bit of time.

In the meanwhile, if you’re using Google reader, you can paste a URL into it by clicking the big “ADD A SUBSCRIPTION” button at the top left of the page.

Also: Where is the RSS Feed Icon in Firefox 4?


the meerkat at work

The lovely thing about this freelance gig is that it’s possible to procrastinate work by…doing other work.  in this case, I am, well, updating my website, and I am handling emails, and I am adding words to the WiP and doing editor-for-hire work…

all to avoid working on the author page set for TRICKS OF THE TRADE.  Which is due on the 5th.

I don’t mind page proofs, but Harlequin has a rather old-school approach to author sets that includes a lot of paperwork, and it drives me batshit.  Really.  After nine+three books, it still makes me shy away like a horse seeing a snake down the road.

I’ll do it, of course.  This is my responsibility.  But I’ll need to be driven to it by the roar of the approaching deadline.

I also have to polish up this week’s Practical Meerkat’s “52 bits of useful advice,” and get it off to my beta before she scowls at me.  Her scowls are a terrifying thing…

So.  I should get to it, huh?


Here.  Have a self-portrait.

the meerkat at work


This is a test of the new blogging situation.  If this were an actual post, I would have said something of interest.


Well, hopefully of interest.


I have three male characters in STRONG EARTH who need names, but only one of my donation-supporters is male. Tsk, gentlemen, the ladies are outpacing you by a massive margin….


I got caught up in a discussion late last night, with someone trying to “explain” terrorism, of any shade stripe or dot. And this morning I’ve finally managed to sum up my reaction:

I do not understand and I will not condone and I will not turn away.


This isn’t an opening for discussion. I’m not interested in political, moral, or philosophical justifications, this morning — or, perhaps, any other. Not on this.