Sunday is a day of rest. Sort of.

As the so-called #Novelrace (5 weeks to 60k!) begins on Monday, I decided to hold off on working on the novel until then.  Just to play fair.

Does that mean I get the day off?  Er.  Not really.  This morning I did the final pass on “The Devil’s Jack” and passed it off to my beta-readers for shredding constructive feedback.  I also started outlining my probable next novel for Luna (working title: Heartwired) and hammered out some rather essential plotty details, prior to discussion with Madame Editrix on Wednesday.

This afternoon, the plan is to work on “Flood in a Dry Spell” (also a working title), until I’m a little happier with its direction/theme, and um, clean the apartment.  And do laundry.  And I should decide what I’m going to read at NYRSF (at the Soho Gallery for Digital Arts) this Tuesday (if you’re in NYC, you’re coming to that, right?  Right?).

Tonight, I have to do an airport run, and reclaim the SO from 18+ hours of travel.  Jetlag is so sexy on a guy (ok, not really.  But it’s entertaining as hell.)


My goal is to get my story-words in early on Monday, and then take the rest of the day off when the rest of the city is office-bound.  It’s a nice goal, don’t you think?


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