Clarion Write-A-Thon Update: Draft!

And lo, two days before the official end of the write-a-thon, I came to the line that said “we’re done”  (as opposed to the thing you thought was going to be the last line), and we have Achieved Draft.

A drafty, mangled, in dire need of rewriting draft, I admit.  But I know what the story is about, now, and where it needs expanding and where it needs cutting, and what threads to pull forward and what threads to cut/tuck away.  Which is what a draft is for, yes?

So, call it:  23,279 words of “Strong Earth,” in a little under six weeks.  Yay!

[there is still time to get your donation in to support Clarion, and win your name a place in the story!]


And now, time to put this aside to settle, and back to the mystery I go.  14,100 / 70,000 words

[still no contract.  Madame Agent is On It]

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