The “rebirth” of the Portals duology!

Let’s take a seat in the Wayback machine, shall we? The year is 2011. I’ve just handed in the 4th PSI novel, DRAGON JUSTICE, and my agent and editor are in discussions about what I’m going to do next. We’re told that Luna/Harlequin doesn’t want another Cosa Nostradamus novel, they want me to do something …

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Exhales, inhales, lets out the news…

So, remember a while back I was talking about that thing that made me Very Happy, but I couldn’t talk about it? I can talk about it now.  Laura Anne Gilman’s SILVER ON THE ROAD, launching The Devil’s West series, the story of a sixteen-year-old growing up in the Devil’s Territory, west of the newly-formed …

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New Story!

My short story “Crossroads” is live (and free!) at Fantasy Magazine! (plus, a short Q&A)   You’d think, by now, I’d be blase about new stories hitting readers.  But no…still neurotic, waiting to see if there’s response, and what form it takes…..

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