I’ve got it all together but it’s on the wrong plane…

Apparently, I had the wrong dates in my schedule.  I depart the city not a week from Friday, but THIS Friday.

I do not panic.  I have everything under control.


All I have to do is laundrypaybillswrite5kwordsarrangecatsittingdotheNYRSFreadingtonightedit3storiesdepositpaychecksmeetwithMadame
EditrixsendImportantEmailspackickupcardrivetoBoston…. by Friday noon.

Piece of cake.

Cake with moar coffee, pls.


On the plus side, the apartment is booked, the flights are booked, so Rome in December is a Go.  *does happy dance*  “Two Jews walk into the Vatican on Christmas Day…”



[anyone looking to burgle the place while I’m gone?  All you’ll get is two affection-hungry cats, a printer, and a cheap TV.  Sorry.]


2 thoughts on “I’ve got it all together but it’s on the wrong plane…”

  1. can I ahve the cats if you wrap and airmail them :) have a great trip, throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, kick back and enjoy the vino

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