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okay guys, today’s the day to do it. My Reddit/f AMA is now officially (unless I screwed up the opening steps) LIVE. Go on, do your best. Rock the forum so hard they think AC/DC’s in town.

Silver on the Road Media Roundup, Week 1

I’m off to the airport, heading down to California (San Diego and San Francisco) and I hope to see some of y’all there (at Mysterious Galaxy and SF-in-SF @ Borderlands Books, respectively). For those hanging out online… TODAY: The “Big Idea” behind SILVER ON THE ROAD, admitting where (and why) SILVER almost didn’t get written…. In …

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Deeply amused and not at all surprised….

My post on using American history in fantasy over at Charlie Stross’ blog seems to have evolved in comments into a “the technical aspects of how you’d write an alternate American history where the Indian tribes don’t lose” alternating with arguments over the definition of Celtic and related UKcentric socioarcheology, and the only-occasional hitting of my …

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So this is happening…

I’m over at Charlie Stross’ place today, guest-blogging about writing American history that isn’t my history…. or is it? Meanwhile, the topic of that blog, SILVER ON THE ROAD, is starting to propagate pre-order links, although there’s no cover or copy available yet. Shall we see how high we can push it before they even give …

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This landed in the old in-box today, via my publicist at S&S….       With a magazine circulation of about 200,000, go Team Kornetsky!   B&N| Simon & Schuster |Indiebound |Book Depository | Indigo/Chapters|Mysterious Galaxy|Seattle Mystery Bookshop  

oh hey look’t that!

I’m featured today on The Talkative Writer!  Meanwhile, I’m wearing the editor hat from here until Saturday afternoon, at which point the work hats go off and the Sock Monkey hat goes on….

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