A Short (Bio) Update…

Under external prodding, I have finally updated my bio.  Huh.  That’s not too shabby, actually. Laura Anne Gilman’s work has been hailed as “a true American myth being found” by NPR, and praised for her “deft plotting and first-class characters” by Publishers Weekly. She has won the Endeavor Award for THE COLD EYE, and been […]

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Mailing List PSA

If you thought you were signed up for the Gilman Quarterly newsletter, but did NOT get one (and it’s not in your spam box), please resubscribe!  (we seem to have some gremlins in the wires) If you haven’t already signed up, and think it would be fun to get advance word on what’s going on,

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The day after THE COLD EYE releases, we have Updates!

In case you missed it: I’m at “My Favorite Bit,” talking about…well, my favorite bit from THE COLD EYE! Also, I visited Magical Words, with some advice to “Slide on the Ice.” I updated my Patreon with an enthusiastic, if pre-coffee, rendition of “On The Occasion of a Book Birthday,” and the mailing list got

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Silver on the Road Media Roundup, Week 1

I’m off to the airport, heading down to California (San Diego and San Francisco) and I hope to see some of y’all there (at Mysterious Galaxy and SF-in-SF @ Borderlands Books, respectively). For those hanging out online… TODAY: The “Big Idea” behind SILVER ON THE ROAD, admitting where (and why) SILVER almost didn’t get written…. In

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Send the love….

Today is Valentine’s Day (a silly holiday but one I personally like, in small doses). If you’re so inclined, take 5 minutes out of your day to send a valentine to a writer you like, in the form of an online review (Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc – wherever you frequent). Hell, send two, or three,

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