I am in denial that it’s July already….

I’d very much like to pretend that it’s still June, but the fireworks going off in my neighborhood last night suggest that nope, we’re into July. After a few false starts and emotional walk-throughs, I’ve sent off the latest “Mom Files” essay to beta-readers, this one on the storytelling brain, liminal spaces, and filling in

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Snow News is Good News?

Western Washington is currently experiencing a bit of a WTFkery – two major snowfalls within ten days.  I may mock my neighbors’ confusion and lack of basic storm gear (seriously, people; buy a shovel.  And use it.  Half-assing clearing your sidewalk or driveway just creates a melt-and-freeze scenario that’s not good for anyone), but since

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It’s August Already?

I’d ask where the summer’s gone, but the answer is, it’s going in a haze of annoying heat, pushy deadlines, and random travel.  And political WTFkery. And work. And Deadline Elbow, aka tendonitis.  I suppose it could be worse, and I did get the new book handed in, only a little (a lot) late.  But

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Back in the PNW….

Did you notice I was gone? (you did?  Awwww….) Short story quicker: after numerous delays caused by neither the seller nor the buyer, last week I handed off the paperwork (and got a check) for my NYC apartment.  Whew. But this required a sudden (expensive!airfare) trip to NYC, which turned into a “hang around with

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Friday’s got a weight on its back and a destination in mind…

The to-list today only has 4 items! But each one’s probably going to take 3-4 hours to finish. The math…does not look good for me today. I am therefore removing social media from the equation until at least one thing is done… Try not to set anything on fire while I’m gone? And remember to

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