Back in the PNW….

Did you notice I was gone?

(you did?  Awwww….)

Short story quicker: after numerous delays caused by neither the seller nor the buyer, last week I handed off the paperwork (and got a check) for my NYC apartment.  Whew. But this required a sudden (expensive!airfare) trip to NYC, which turned into a “hang around with my mom and have multiple birthday dinner with NYC friends” trip as well, which was also awesome.

And now the only ties I have to the east coast are personal/emotional.  Which are the best ties, really.

Anther plus out of this past week of unplanned air travel: I cleared two books and a novella off my TBR pile! *angels sing a song of shock*

(Of course, the books came out in 2005 and 2016, respectively, but we don’t judge, right?)

But now I’m back in the PNW, with summer coming to a gradual (reluctant, clingy) close.  Which means that my brain, freed from worries of real estate and the distractions of the Great Outdoors, can focus on what you guys actually care about: writing more books*.

Yeah, I thought that might get your attention.

Writing has officially begun on the #NewBook, also contractually known as STRONG EARTH.

Meanwhile, the c.e. for RED WATERS RISING has been alternating between sending me professional-type queries, and sending me reader-type &%&%!  !! ?? emails.  I am finding this deeply satisfying.  ;-)



*And a couple of novellas.  And a new Cosa Nostradamus spin-off on Patreon.




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