Three Promotional Things and a Photo

1. If you missed it yesterday, I’m going to be doing #WillWrite2FeedOthers again this year! Make a donation of $5 or more to your local food bank (or proof of an hour’s volunteering) and send me the receipt. When we hit goal ($250 US), everyone who donated will get access to a brand-new story written for them.

(for every goal we hit after that, the reward likewise increases).

Details here:…/

2. LIGHTNING STRIKES on November 16th! Pre-order your ebook now (print edition will be available on the 16th).…/lightning-strikes-storie…/

3. If you’re the sort to enjoy a smattering of fiction, non-fiction, recipes and Rants, make sure to join my Wayward Writings Patreon! Rewards start at $1/month, all the way up to Writer’s Helpers, who get Extra Special Stuff… Plus, you’re helping keep the cats’ vet bills paid!

The boys and I thank you.

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