I am in denial that it’s July already….

I’d very much like to pretend that it’s still June, but the fireworks going off in my neighborhood last night suggest that nope, we’re into July.

After a few false starts and emotional walk-throughs, I’ve sent off the latest “Mom Files” essay to beta-readers, this one on the storytelling brain, liminal spaces, and filling in for loss.  It will be up on my Patreon in the next few days, along with the Monthly Rant.

Up next: getting HEART OF BRIAR into production, starting the reissue revisions for SOUL OF FIRE, looking into getting DUCHESS, PI into print, updating the website, art-directing covers for the reissue program, and oh yeah, getting ready to head out to CONvergence in Minneapolis this weekend!

Um. Maybe I should pick up more coffee?

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