It’s August Already?

I’d ask where the summer’s gone, but the answer is, it’s going in a haze of annoying heat, pushy deadlines, and random travel.  And political WTFkery. And work.

And Deadline Elbow, aka tendonitis.  I suppose it could be worse, and I did get the new book handed in, only a little (a lot) late.  But ow and also, ow.

So.  Updates of the updatery sort.

RED WATERS RISING came out last month, and I’m sitting back and watching readers find it – and the entire trilogy – with a great deal of satisfied glee.  Isobel and Gabriel came a long way, and it’s been an honor to travel with them.  And an honor to get the email (and fan art omg fan art!) from readers who have also enjoyed the ride.

Patreon continues to bubble along, with new short stories hitting every month, plus the “Inside track” on a new project I’m in the process of building (aka #damnitFran), and the Rants – which you can get a taste of starting this month, every other Wednesday at Book View Cafe.

But if all you want is the News When it Happens, plus occasional Advance News, the newsletter is back on its mostly-quarterly schedule!

And there is Stuff Coming That I Can’t Talk About Yet.  Yet.  Soon.  Watch this space!  Or, yanno, sign up for the newsletter!

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