Patreon updatery!

If you missed last month’s new story on Patreon, “Trouble in Fear,” you can still sign on and read it – plus the first Pietr Cholis story, “Trouble in Mind”!  Otherwise you’re going to have to wait until the series is complete, and then buy the full set….  (and that may not be for another 6+ months!  Delayed gratification is all well and fine, but $1/month gets you satisfaction now!)


Meanwhile, we’ve got an exclusive “false start” excerpt from the NewBook, that nobody outside of Patreon will ever see.  Hints at what’s coming, and a peek into what my brain is like during first drafts.  If that’s your cuppa, anyway.  :-)

Coming this week: October’s “WTF is writing?” discussion, the monthly Rant, and more of My Youthful Folly (aka “annotated-with-snark excerpts from the first book I ever tried to write”)….


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