1. Shecky

    1) “And now I understand why you’re suddenly out of wine.”

    2) “Can it be… ? Yes! It IS! THE SECOND COMING OF BACON! HAIL!”

  2. 1) What? You thought I would let the human tell my story without any guidance?

    2) I’ll not sneeze. I’ll not sneeze. Atjoo!

  3. Boomer: The truth comes out – Boomer is the Alpha Reader/first editor.

    Cas: You called me out of my box for THIS?

  4. Eric

    1) I can haz Merlot?

    2) You’re not putting me in that box! I’ve read about Schrödinger’s cat!

  5. Pamela Scoville

    1. a) Whoa! What was in that wine?
    b) I keep pressing the deli key but the food never arrives.

    2. Honestly, I have no idea what happened to the damned fish. Last time I saw your Black Moor he was swimming around in the shipping carton.

  6. #1: “The chaise, the French novel, the wine…wait, where are the bonbons? There were supposed to be bonbons?

    #2: The Egyptian-art catalog hadn’t said a thing about ushabtis coming to life once the box was opened.

  7. Lea

    1. I hate it when she stops dictation.

    2. Furless Humans!

  8. Myra

    1. “I don’t always travel parcel post, but when I do…wine helps.”


  9. James

    1. Blog entry: I know I scheduled today to be disdainful of my human but I just don’t feel it. I want … a belly rub.

    2. “I was in the box, man. I was in … the … box.”

  10. 1. “I don’t always think outside the box. But when I do, I do it inside the box. Halfway. That’s how I roll. I am….THE MOST INTERESTING CAT IN THE WORLD.”

    2. “Oh, f*uck, there’s no litter in here. DON’T LOOK AT ME I WILL EAT YOUR EYEBALLLLLLSSSSS…”

  11. Anne Balduf

    1) Boomer contemplated revealing the feline genius behind the WeeWeeLeaks affair.

    2) Mom, did the voice say we’re out of MeowMix?

  12. 1) “They don’t listen. No one does. But they will. I will convince them: THAT’s the way to bring LiveJournal roaring back, rebrand it CatJournal. I know it, they know it, you know it: cats WOULD blog.”


  13. Julian West

    “Yes, yes I do write all the stories, but I like to start with a glass of wine.”

    “I can’t hold this much longer. Put in my eyedrops and pack me in the box.”

  14. Anne Burner

    I love these pics.

    1) Human! Bring me my wine refill while I watch cat porn…ah, edit your latest book.

    2) No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Mwahahaha!

  15. Bethany Woll

    1.a) Sorry, human, but people love cats way more than writers. Therefore, I will be posing for your author pic.
    b) Ok, here’s how it’s gonna work: you give me the catnip, THEN you get the glowy, tappy thing you are always staring at.

    2. Wait… it’s who let the DOGS out?!

  16. bn100

    1. I told you not to bother me. I’m trying to order Soul of fire.
    2. Yay!!!! Soul of fire is out!

  17. [blink]

    Ah, I see; as I came over from the contest announcement over on LiveJournal (where I do my primary meerkat-following), I’d been looking for the results Over There and failed to check for an announcement on the blog here.


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