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Pour yourself some Gin & Tonic and settle down with DOGHOUSE!

And lo, after much waiting… okay, it’s been eight months since FIXED, I’m hoping you’ve been waiting! It’s here! When Ginny Mallard and her sometimes-partner Teddy Tonica are asked to look into the situation of an old man about to be evicted, the part-time investigators think it’s just a matter of sorting out misunderstandings.  But this is […]

Pssst. Wanna (paper) book, kid?

Via Plus One Press…. the trade paperback omnibus edition of Miles to Go/Promises to Keep AVAILABLE NOW! click the cover to find out how.

Introducing… Danny Hendrickson, and Sylvan Investigations!

I’m currently in the UK, doing Writerly Things (and eating ALL THE CURRIES), but in the world of things-already-set-in-motion, today is a really exciting day for me – and hopefully for you, too.  Because Sylvan Investigations is officially opening its doors for business! Sylvan What? Y’see, in 2012, after ten novels, my publisher asked me to […]

Want a Book? Find a Meerkat!

I’m a little scattered and busy today, celebrating the release of FIXED, but if you can track me down, you can try to shake me down for a copy of FIXED, the newest Gin & Tonic Investigations and a BONUS! copy of HEART OF FIRE! All you have to do is, well, find the meerkats […]

Tease Tuesday for 8 October (Special Team Kornetsky Edition!)

The normal process of the Tease is interrupted this week, because today is when FIXED (Gin & Tonic Investigations #2) by L.A. Kornetsky officially hits the streets!   So today’s excerpt will be clearly identified. Don’t get used to it. :-D     The dogs were gossiping. The grey tabby paused, halfway down the fire […]

It’s Tuesday. So there are many new book releases today….

Including my own SOUL OF FIRE! The second part of the Portals Duology that began last month with But don’t worry, you can run out and get the other books today. I’ll remind you about the duology again later…. (is it later yet? How about now?  Now?) Soul of Fire at your local independent Soul […]

Looking Forward….

And so, HEART OF BRIAR is launched. It’s strange, really.  That was a book I’d never planned to write – a distinct change from my usual theme and style – and looking back on it now a year later, it’s almost as though someone else wrote it.  Although it’s pretty clear that Martin, AJ and Jan […]

BOOK DAY! for HEART OF BRIAR (and related information)

The truth is that in recent years the idea of a single launch day has pretty much fallen into disuse, if only because the physical books are on the shelf before the digital books are officially released.  But still, it’s nice to have a single point in time when you say, “It’s here!  It’s a […]

That was the Weekend That Was (sort of lost in a fog of words)

And with the push of the send tab, SOUL OF FIRE (Portals #2) is off to Madame Editrix.  It will come back to me for dire revisions, as she points out all the mis-builds I was too in-the-guts to see, but right now I’m feeling pretty good about the book, and the duology overall.  You’ll get […]

New (ebook) Release: Dragon Virus

Most of the folk here, if you know me as a writer, know me for my novels. I also write short fiction. Some of it’s similar to my novels, and some of it…isn’t. Many years ago, I wrote a story. It was called “End of Days,” and it was, in a phrase, one fucked-up child […]