Looking Forward….

And so, HEART OF BRIAR is launched.

It’s strange, really.  That was a book I’d never planned to write – a distinct change from my usual theme and style – and looking back on it now a year later, it’s almost as though someone else wrote it.  Although it’s pretty clear that Martin, AJ and Jan are all my characters.  I deny them not.  :-)

But the book is out there, out of my hands and into the readers’, and some people will like it and some will not.  Now, as I said to someone last night, the writer looks forward, not back.

And what’s forward, you ask? I’m currently working on Gin & Tonic #3 (due in September, gods help me), and book #2 (FIXED) comes out in October, so  I’m going to be very much in mystery-writer head for a while.  That’s good.  That’s a headspace I enjoy (be in ‘straight’ or supernatural).   Relatedly,  the shape of a 3rd Sylvan Investigations/Cosa Nostradamus novella is forming in my brain.  Looks like the Kickstarter for that will be coming in the autumn….

On the fantasy side?  Agent Joe and I have a confab planned to discuss a new and much-loved project later this week. So there may or may not be news of that to come.

But right now?

Right now the agenda for today is taking Lil Idjit (aka Castiel Kitten of Thursday) to his First Vet Visit, and then some more book-writing, and some editing. And working on a short story I have due RSN. And tomorrow I disappear on a business (not writing) retreat until Sunday.  So who knows what Monday will bring…

While I’m gone, here’s me elsewhere:

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