Lightning Strikes!

Last night, while I was starting to write this blogpost, there was a massive flash of bright white light outside, then, a few second later, a low rumble that cumulated in a mighty BANG that set off car alarms in the lot.

I decided to take that as a good sign for the launch of LIGHTNING STRIKES (especially since, unlike many stories involving the Cosa, there were no associated power outages).

This project has very much been a labor of love — from gathering the older stories to designing the cover to creating a special edition for my Patreon supporters.  But that love seems appropriate for this celebration of the Cosa Nostradamus, who first came into print fifteen years ago, and to kick off the reissue program for all ten novels (beginning with STAYING DEAD in December 2019).

As I say in my introduction to the collection, I can’t tell you exactly when or where the Cosa Nostradamus was born.  It seems, now, like they’ve always been there, living under my skin and taking up space in my brain.  But you never forget your first, and Wren and Sergei, and all their companions along the way, were very much that.

Some of these stories have been previously published in anthologies, while some were written as charity “prizes” and never  made public before now, plus some “extras” long-time fans will enjoy.  Together, they cover the range of the Cosa Nostradamus, from the early days of Madame to the coming of the next generation….



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