Introducing… Danny Hendrickson, and Sylvan Investigations!

I’m currently in the UK, doing Writerly Things (and eating ALL THE CURRIES), but in the world of things-already-set-in-motion, today is a really exciting day for me – and hopefully for you, too.  Because Sylvan Investigations is officially opening its doors for business!

Sylvan What?

Y’see, in 2012, after ten novels, my publisher asked me to write what became the Portals Duology, rather than another Cosa novel.  I agreed, but decided that – no matter what New York said – I really wanted to tell those stories anyway, if people were interested.  Particularly, I wanted to tell the story of Danny Hendrickson, who had been a secondary player in previous books, but kept demanding a larger storyline.

So I floated a few feelers among readers, and came back with a very strong response: oh HELL yes.

And so a year later, with the assistance of Book View Cafe and Plus One Press, I’m pleased and delighted and all those other words to introduce you to the crew of Sylvan Investigations, featuring  Danny Hendrickson, a cop-turned-PI who also happens to be half-faun, and the Seer only known as Ellen, both of them up to their ears helping those who get caught in the cracks of this modern magical world.

And what do those readers say now, that they’ve seen what they wrought?

“Danny and Shadow are a great team. They aren’t perfect… but both are willing to risk everything to save lives and help. You want magic, sardonic humour and great stories? You’ve come to the right place.” – Ruth

“Since I can’t hang out with Danny (and his cute little horns) in New York for real, reading some more of his adventures will just have to do.” – Catherine

“Danny Hendrickson is never what you expect, yet he always manages to do the right thing. And get his man/woman/whatever. Like a Mountie, only shorter, cuter, and with horns . . . .” – Elektra

“if Mr Tumnus and Lucy had been written by Raymond Chandler it might be as cool as Danny and Shadow!” – M. Bernardi

“My problem is that I’m addicted to Danny, you see… I need my fix.  (Having read the books, now) I’m out of Danny, and I.  Need.  Some.  More.” – Joanna

Sylvan Investigations_Promises_v5

But don’t take another reader’s word for it.  Check out their. Brand. New. Pages for details!  Or go directly to Book View Cafe to buy the ebooks (audio and print editions are due out next week)


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