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Dragged and prodded with a lot of “all the cool kids are doing it” and “nobody will know you’re not a cool kid, do it!” I am Doing The Hugo Thing.

(with thanks to the also-eligible CE Murphy for sharing the template)

The following works are eligible for Hugo nominations this year in the listed categories.


Best Novel: RED WATERS RISING by Laura Anne Gilman

Kobo || Simon & Schuster|| Amazon || Barnes & Noble


Best Novella: WEST WINDS’ FOOL by Laura Anne Gilman
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Best Series:THE DEVIL’S WEST by Laura Anne Gilman


Best Professional Artist:

Emma Rios (see: RED WATERS RISING and the paperback edition of THE COLD EYE)

Rebecca Flaum (see: WEST WINDS’ FOOL and Other Stories of the Devils West)

cover art for WEST WINDS FOOL

the cover for RED WATERS RISING


New Year, Same Trips to the Vet...
Due to recent Digestive Incidents, Boomer the Geriatric Cat got to visit with Uncle Vet again today. They all commented on how long it’s been since they’ve seen him, which is a very good thing (for a while we were monthly visitors).
We are pleased to say that he’s put on some weight, clocking in at a totally respectable 15.5 pounds (for newcomers, he earned his nom d’ Internet “Cat of Size” by being over 20 pounds for most of his adult life, almost all of it muscle and bone, but then dropped down to nearly 13 pounds when the cancer hit. Fifteen pounds, for his frame, is good-healthy).
They’re running his yearly (OMFG expensive) geriatric screen, plus a few other tests to rule out anything New And Unpleasant. Hopefully, as Dr. B suggested, this is just the IBD lifting its head and reminding us all it’s still there. But we may have to shift his protein again. Beef, chicken and fish are already ruled out, rabbit may end up in the no-chow zone…so that leaves us with duck, and if that doesn’t work, possibly a synthetic protein.
Very Blade Runnerish, no? And so timely…

But still and all, he’s not doing badly for a 16 year old cat who has diabetes, IBD, thyroid disease, and oh yeah, is a cancer survivor.
  Whatever we’re doing, it’s still working.

I have a firm conviction that if you give someone a warm meal and a hot shower, they can do nearly anything they set their minds to that day.  Which is why my first and preferred charities have always been food banks.

For several years, I ran #WillWriteToFeedOthers, wherein I wrote a story in November, and if you donated $5 or more (or equal goods) to a food bank, you got to read it.  And that was fun, and we raised a lot of money for food banks across the US, Canada, and even in the UK.  But then my life got (more) complicated, my dance card got over-scribbled, and I just didn’t have the time or energy to write another story at the end of the year.  :-(

But I wanted to keep my commitment to those warm meals.  So I decided that my 3rd quarter royalty check from Book View Cafe would go directly to that.  It’s not a huge sum, but via Northwest Harvest, it will provide over 300 meals for people who would otherwise have gone hungry.

So thank you, everyone who bought books from me via Book View Cafe. Feeding your reading habit fed someone else’s body, too. 



Guess I have to change my bio now...

So tonight around 10 pm I’m finishing up at a work event (which kept me from being at OryCon this weekend) and I finally have a chance to check my email.  I may have said “HOLY SHIT!” loud enough for my co-workers to be all “what? what happened?

I won the Endeavor Award for THE COLD EYE,  is what happened.

I had been so busy, I’d actually forgotten the Endeavour Award ceremony was tonight.  Lemme tell ya, as stress factors go, being too busy to stress is totally the way to go.

I guess I need to change my bio now…

My acceptance speech, for those who are interested, as sent via messenger:

“First: holy shit, thank you. Insert incoherent babbling here.

THE COLD EYE is a coming-of-age road trip, a weird western, an American fable with feminist bedrock. But it’s also a story about what it means to be an American, both in the 1800s and today. About making choices of who we want to be, and what we want to do with that.

What we are, and what we could aspire to be.

And I couldn’t have written it on my own – I owe a debt not only those who did the heavy lifting in terms of recording the history I’m playing with, but to the geologists and seismologists who taught me about the land we stand on, and the native peoples whose storytelling – both the topics and their language – inspired me to look at our world a different way. I hope I did my teachers and Road-mentors proud.”


And thank god I did write something ahead of time, because based on my mood right now, I totally would have been babbling in incoherent shock.  :-)