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The Collected Cases of Duchess, PI

Looking for a little fun summer reading while you hang out at the beach, pool, or air-conditioned cave?

Or maybe you’re in the Southern hemisphere, looking for a cozy, by-the-fireplace read?

May I introduce you to Duchess, PI?

The Alley is no place for the innocent, the unwary, or the just plain foolish. But if they didn’t exist, Duchess would be out of work. For a fee, she can solve your problem – or make it go away. When trouble’s on your tail, and you can’t go to the cops, Duchess is the cat you want in your corner.

However, not even the best PI can solve every case, and her connections – from an up-and-coming police dog to a would-be thief-in-training – get her into trouble as often as they get her out…


The Case of the Tom in Trouble
Spark to Tinder
The Case of the Feckless Ferrets
Scales of Justice
The Case of the Seaside Swindle


Available now for pre-order!    Only $2.99!

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Heading out to Minneapolis over the 4th of July weekend to partake of the crunchy goodness that is CONvergence once again!  I look forward to seeing folk there, and yes, I will have books to sell and sign!


Thursday, July 4th

Non-Medieval Fantasy


Saturday, July 6th

Creating Tiny Imagined Spaces


Managing Your Creative Career


Writing a Culture Not Your Own


Unconventional Story Structures for Writers


Sunday, July 7th

Ubik: Safe When Used as Directed


Weekend Update, June 3rd

How the hell is it June already?  Anyone?  You don’t know either?  Okay, moving on.

As usual when I do the East Coast Turnaround, I came down with sinus gunk ™ a few days after.   So that’s been my life for the past few days, moving through a crud-haze and trying not to cough up a lung.  Yay?

But despite sinus crud and corollary naps, I got ~5,000 words written this weekend. Less than I’d hoped for but more than I had before, so there’s that.  1913 historical fantasy set near the Great Lakes, and I’m having a hell of a lot of fun with it.

“Be careful when you speak with the police,” she cautioned. “We do not need a repeat of the St Louis incident.”

I also put together the next Gilman Quarterly newsletter, filled with New and Updates, and a Sneak Peek at a new cover, so if you want to know all that stuff, sign up here!

Additionally,  I’ve now watched 3 of the 6 episodes of GOOD OMENS, and as a fan of the book since before it came out (no, really: I read a copy before it was officially published) I gotta say they’re nailing it.
With the added bonus of pissing off bigots, fundies, and other people with no sense of humor. 😁

I’m saving the other three episodes as a reward for good behavior/more wordage this week.