Publishing in Time of Pandemic, and an Aptly-Named Book

Today, the Author’s Revised Edition of CURSE THE DARK hits the stores.  Mostly.

I say mostly, because due to probably unavoidably delays everywhere, the print edition isn’t ready yet (and will take longer to ship once ordered), and B&N hasn’t gotten the digital edition loaded, although it’s available at All Amazons, Kobo, and Apple.

But it’s out there, the updated and slightly revised second adventure of Wren Valere and her partner Sergei Didier, the demon P.B. (short for Polar Bear), Tree-Taller, and a cast of weird.

It’s weird, launching this edition today.  In this book, Wren and Sergei are sent to Italy to Retrieve a missing magical manuscript.  I wrote those scenes from memories of my own trips to Italy, memories that seem very far away today, as borders close and travel is cancelled in an attempt to flatten the curve of this pandemic.  And the plot – to stop something that is killing people who get too close?  To bring people together to combat fear and hate?  I could have written this book yesterday, “torn from the headlines,” as it were.

Unnerving, and yet also hopeful.  Because Wren and Sergei and the others don’t shy away from what needs to be done, and yes, they triumph, if not without losses.  As Sergei’s fortune cookie tells him, “if you must curse the dark, remember it is only fallen light.”  And a light that has fallen can be picked up again.

So say we all.

Enjoy, and stay safe!


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