Bring It On (Retrievers #3) is ON!

It feels odd, in the middle of *makes helpless gesture at America* all this to be talking about new books, but it’s maybe also exactly when we need to talk about new books? Or, in this case, the return of an older book. And one with unexpected relevance to current* days.

Because BRING IT ON, book #3 in the Retrievers series, is now available for pre-order from B&N, Kobo, and Apple!**


Wren Valere’s job used to be simple: get hired to steal something, steal it, get paid.  But when she takes on a job she shouldn’t have, she finds herself once again in the cross-hairs of the Mage Council – and their aim is getting better.  Meanwhile, tensions between human Talents and the non-human residents of the city are escalating, putting one of her dearest friends in danger.Her job, her people, and her city are at risk. And now, rather than her usual invisibility, everyone’s looking at Wren to do something…

Available in print and digital June 16th, 2020


*pun not intended but not apologized for, either.
**Amazon demanded proof that I held the rights to this book, and then went silent when given said proof, so they’ll join the party…eventually.

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