Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Keeping an eye on the Politico scoreboard, mainly out of historical habit, I guess. Trump and Biden are both at 49.4% in Georgia. Yes, we have Stacey Abrams to thank for much of this, but I’d like to think that John Lewis is kicking some conscience-ass, too.

.7% difference between them in Pennsylvania. Yes, point-seven.
.9% difference in Nevada.

Biden has fifteen (15) routes to victory. Trump has only one.

Actually, he has two. The second one involves pulling off an overt coup (rather than relying on voter suppression and disenfranchising). I’m less worried about that now, though. I suspect even some people who voted for him would not stand for that, where they would convince themselves to “overlook” the covert coup he attempted. And I’m pretty damn sure right now the military would not go along, and he needs the military (yes, he has the police, but the police, as dangerous as they are to civilians, are not going to stand up against the actual Armed Forces).

It’s not going to be pretty, and in fact I expect it to be ugly AF between now and January, but there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.And then we go to work putting the Senate in check, and dragging Joe and Kamala further along the Progressive track. And fixing our own damn states while we’re at it.

This is the work. Like all work, it will be made lighter by many hands. So if you thought this election would be an end to me giving you shit about getting active and involved…nope.

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