My ConCarolinas Schedule!

My ConCarolinas starts off light on Friday, June 1… 4:00pm Kiss Me, You Fool!  Romance remains wildly popular as a genre, and it has a place in most other writing as well. But so many non-romance authors have a hard time writing romantic scenes that don’t leave the reader rolling her eyes. What can non-romance […]

Heading down to OryCon...

So if that’s where you’ll be, this is where I’ll be! Fri Nov 18 5:00pm – 6:00pm Minor Characters: Talking about the ones who don’t always get mentioned in the cover copy, but are often more fun to write… Brenda Cooper, David Dvorkin, Laura Anne Gilman, Stoney Compton, Tina Connolly Fri Nov 18 6:30pm – […]