Back in the PNW….

Did you notice I was gone? (you did?  Awwww….) Short story quicker: after numerous delays caused by neither the seller nor the buyer, last week I handed off the paperwork (and got a check) for my NYC apartment.  Whew. But this required a sudden (expensive!airfare) trip to NYC, which turned into a “hang around with …

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Revisionary Update

SILVER ON THE ROAD is now, officially, the longest book I’ve ever written, and I still have another 75 pages to revise (exactly where Mine Editor sayeth “give us more detail!”) So. Yeah.   (for those wondering, that means we’re past the 126,000 word mark. Certain Writers may call that a novella, but for me, …

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Just when you think you know someone….

Midway through the fourth pass, and something that’s been in there since first draft caught me by surprise with “oh, that’s how this will be relevant later.” Book, c’mon, you’re KILLING me. I also yanked an entire scene out, and figure I can maybe use the character introduced there somewhere else, in a later book, maybe with …

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