Just when you think you know someone….

Midway through the fourth pass, and something that’s been in there since first draft caught me by surprise with “oh, that’s how this will be relevant later.” Book, c’mon, you’re KILLING me.

I also yanked an entire scene out, and figure I can maybe use the character introduced there somewhere else, in a later book, maybe with a different backstory…or maybe not.  Either way, it became really apparent that it, and she, didn’t belong where they were.

I also yanked a line one of my beta readers really loved.  Sorry, Dori.

(yes, my third pass beta readers were Dori and Kari.  I have been making dwarf jokes every since, because I get just that punchy in the last few weeks before deadline…)

Anyway.  Deadline or Death!  Or something like that. D-12 days.


2 thoughts on “Just when you think you know someone….”

  1. Dear Ms. Gilman…I have read the Sylvan Investigation Duo, the Paranormal Scene Investigation books, and am working my way through the Retriever series. I am currently on ‘Bring It On”. Love these books, and am hoping you’re gonna add more (one of these days, not immediately)to the PUPI adventures.
    Thanks for sharing your world with us!

  2. Thanks, Jaylee!

    There will be more “Sylvan Investigation” novellas coming in 2015 (I’m writing them now), and we’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces in them…

    – Laura Anne

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