State of the Meerkat: March

Another fabulous night at the SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series, with Fran Wilde, Susan Forrest, and Jason Gurley. It’s always fun to hear three very different styles/voices, in one setting – good for the ear, good for the brain. And it was good to have a distraction from watching portions of the US fail their adulting test.


The state of the meerkat right now is that I have a book, a novella, and two short stories to write before the end of the year (9 months from now), four clients lined up for the next four months, a heavy batch of traveling, and we’re going into the start of Tourist Season at the side gig.  So yeah, gonna be busy.

This is a goodness.  I am happy about this.  I am also going to be turning off the social medias more often, because y’all are distracting.

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