Bringing Books To Dublin

Been meaning to pick up paper copies of WEST WINDS’ FOOL or (and) GABRIEL’S ROAD, but haven’t yet?  Want the thrill of getting your books hand-delivered-by-the-author-at-Worldcon? I will be bringing a small amount of each with me to Dublin.  First-come first-get, and the number will probably be Requests+[very small number], so best to get your […]

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I am in denial that it’s July already….

I’d very much like to pretend that it’s still June, but the fireworks going off in my neighborhood last night suggest that nope, we’re into July. After a few false starts and emotional walk-throughs, I’ve sent off the latest “Mom Files” essay to beta-readers, this one on the storytelling brain, liminal spaces, and filling in

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Updatery, various and sundry

My only comments about the election are that with democracy, sometimes we get the government other people deserved.  Also, that not giving up/not losing faith is the best fuck you we can give to those who want to haul us back to the 1950’s (or 1850’s). I’m off to World Fantasy today. Over the weekend, Subtenant will be cat-minding,

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Hello, Monday!

I am home from RoberCon, no thanks to Rt. 87, which turned into a parking lot pretty much the entire way from Rt 17 to NYC, for no reason we could tell. It was, ducking the tl;dr, an excellent convention, well-attended (they filled their available space without becoming TOO crowded), well-paneled (the conversations were lively and

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My RoberCon schedule

    Reminder that I’ll be Writer GoHing at RoberCon in Binghamton NY next week, September 27-28! For them as will be there, and them as follow along at a distance, my schedule… SATURDAY: 11 a.m. When It All Falls Apart: Dystopian Fiction and Our Modern Times Presenters: Crystal Sarakas (moderator), April Steenburgh, Laura Anne

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