Updatery, various and sundry

My only comments about the election are that with democracy, sometimes we get the government other people deserved.  Also, that not giving up/not losing faith is the best fuck you we can give to those who want to haul us back to the 1950’s (or 1850’s).

I’m off to World Fantasy today. Over the weekend, Subtenant will be cat-minding, as she starts to move into the space and make it her own.

(the advantage of subletting to a good friend is that this sort of thing can happen)

Westward Ho! Updatery: Lease, confirmed. Movers, confirmed. Cat moving, confirmed. Insurance coverage for both locations, pending but pretty much confirmed. Self-moving, confirmed. Offsite storage, done.  Pretty much in work-and-wait mode.  Which leads us into….

Writing Updatery: Novels are with their respective editors. The two Sylvan Investigations novellas are being revised. Short stories are being plotted. WillWrite2FeedOthers is going to launch RSN. Maybe even tomorrow, if I get bandwidth while traveling. And next week I get to put my head down and focus on DEVIL’S WEST #2. Am I psyched about that? You have no idea.

evil laugh

Feline Updatery:  Two people now who’ve seen the Kitten in recent days have literally leaned back in surprise and said “he’s gotten big!”  Yeah, I guess he has – his tail now looks normal compared to his body length, rather than extra-long, and I’m pretty sure his tail didn’t shrink….  18 months old, and he’s a lean, clean purring machine, who has gotten into the habit of sleeping with me at night, although he’s still not much of a cuddler, otherwise.  That’s all right, there’s really only room for CatofSize on my lap, anyway.  And he’s showing no signs of giving that space up, even when he’s cranky from being ill…

(we’re still waiting on his most recent bloodwork before panic/relief)

And that’s all the news I’m allowed to print….

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