Back from Norwescon….

Which continues to be a lively,bustling convention, with a wide range of interests attending and represented.  Even the 10am panels had a sizable crowd, and while the mass signing was quiet, my kaffeeklatch afterward was packed and vocal.  So that was fun.  And I got to see people I only see once a year, or thereabouts.

Gave the first public reading of “Remembrance” from the anthology “Weird California.”  It’s a ghost story with a side order of wine history. Because of course it is.  Halfway through the story I realized I was reading from  a production file, and I’d turned off track changes so’s not to get hung up on the red marks, and… there were therefore words missing.  I plowed through, nonetheless, improvising where I couldn’t figure out/remember what ‘d written.  I don’t think the story suffered much (or nobody seemed to mind, anyway).

I gave my last panel of Saturday night a pass (after clearing it with Ops), and came home to spend time with the felines, because I’m off to work this morning (we had queries as to if we’d be open today, so we’re open today.  As I’ve said more than once, this is why you have diversity on your retail staff: so nobody has to work on their particular holy days if they don’t want to.  I’m fine with covering Easter, someone else can handle Yom Kippur).

And on Tuesday I’m off for EnWhySee, where I’ll be reading at the Fantastic Fiction series at the KGB Bar, attending a wedding over the weekend, and generally reconnecting briefly with my city (and my mom).  Updates as they happen…

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