state of the meerkat

This week I am Boring.

Well, boring to you, anyway. Mostly, time is split between 4th pass on Book 2 (which has gotten a deadline extension again, due to page proofs, but will not wait on me much longer), the side wine gig, and bringing two clients up to speed on the editorial gig. Basically, clearing out all the Due […]

the dragon at the end of the tunnel

I had a lovely, if brief visit in NYC, getting to see friends and have meals with friends, and just hang out with friends, despite our incredibly busy, indeed hectic lives. (in one instance we literally had time for HALF a cup of coffee. But that was lovely too) And then to Boston, for my […]

Last Day/First Night

I was raised a Jew: I measure things from sunset to sunset. Today is the last day of 2014, but tonight is the first night of 2015. 2014 was…mostly a year of waiting and planning.  But it was also a year of waiting and planning toward a purpose: a new city, a new series, a […]