Home! (and updatery)

I had a lovely, if brief visit in NYC, getting to see friends and have meals with friends, and just hang out with friends, despite our incredibly busy, indeed hectic lives.

(in one instance we literally had time for HALF a cup of coffee. But that was lovely too)

And then to Boston, for my mom’s 80th birthday party with family and friends and friends-who-are-family. And the weather was PERFECT (sunny, warm, not TOO warm), and then the rains came and did not stop for two days. Gilman weather luck strikes again.

And now I am home, and the cats have been reclaimed, and the new book is due in 29 days, plus graduations and editorial work and social gatherings, and a short story I need to revise, and the side-gig shifts, and the Research* Road Trip….

Hi! How’re YOU doing?
*actually the Fact-Checking Road Trip, but that is less tripping on the tongue

1 thought on “Home! (and updatery)”

  1. Paul (@princejvstin)

    I’m over that scary bout with whatever caused me to have vertigo, so I have that in the “Win” column, myself. :)

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