State of the Meerkat, Five Things Weekend Roundup Version

1.  Reminder if you missed the earlier announcements: the #‎willwrite2feedothers story for 2015 went live! (but will only remain live for a limited time, so read now!)

2. A sporting thing happened here in town.  There was much swearing and sweating and triumphant heart attack honking and cheering.  If I’d had an actual emotional attachment to this team it would have been exceptionally painful.  Now the Hawks will be facing the Pats in the Superbowl, and I do have emotional attachment – hatred.  Go Hawks!

3. I helped a friend move to her new condo, and rediscovered that yes, if you spend all day hauling boxes and furniture, your arms WILL be sore the next morning.

4.  SILVER is done with revisions, and off into production (or will be once Joe is back in the office).  A very long haul to get us to this point.  Now all I can do is stress.  Oh, and get back to writing book #2….  Izzy is being annoyingly calm, if egotistical, during this current crisis. That’s like waving a red flag at a writer….

“What was that about?” Isobel asked, coming up on the other side of the mule, looking at him curiously. Her hair was braided, the single plait flipped over her shoulder, but wisps of it had already escaped, framing her face. Her skin was sun-browned, despite the brimmed hat hanging from a leather thong down her back, and the clear dark eyes that looked back at him over the mule’s back were not the eyes of the girl he had met only months before in a crowded, noisy saloon.

“He was telling us not to die.”

“Oh.” She thought about that, her expression serious. “Good advice.”

5. The meerkat minion t-shirts have all shipped!  If you backed a t-shirt level and haven’t gotten yours yet, PLEASE let me know!

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