Weekend (and end-of-week) Recap

Everyone visiting went home, post-WorlCon.
Birthdays were celebrated (several times over).
It rained (finally!) and is still on-and-off-again raining.
We had a massive windstorm that knocked power out for a lot of people, area-wide.
I worked on two short stories that I intend to finish this week, damn it.
I posted my DragonCon schedule

oh, and I may have geebled a bit about the Major Disaster I’m involved in….  11 stories of epic disaster, both natural and man-made, from some major names in the genre… and hey, ME!  It’s a Storybundle, so you pay-what-you-want for the base level, but a few dollars more gets you another FIVE books….

All Covers Large.jpeg


and you’ll totally want to check in tomorrow, to see what’s new.  :-)

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