Long Time No Post…

Mainly, there was Thanksgiving, and a trip back to EnWhyCee to see the family-as-gathered, then I came back and was dropped into the December work schedule (many people taking vacation this month, so I’m picking up extra shifts), plus I have two editorial clients pending, and a novella to fix the ending of, and yeah, still waiting on my revisions letter for THE COLD EYE. Yes, the book I handed in back in August.

Yes, as soon as that’s done, I start work on the 3rd book. But I can’t start until I’m certain I know where book 2 ends off, which requires editorial feedback….

Also, waiting to see if we’re going to have a #willwrite2feedothers story this year. Two days to go and it’s looking bleak… (we’re still 6 donors down).

Oh yeah, and in there somewhere I moved to a new apartment. Much larger, not quite so perfectly located, and no view of the Sound, but did I mention much larger? And also, 1/3 the commute to the side gig. So more time/more energy on shift-days, which is always a plus.

So yeah, there we are. I’m entirely NOT ready for the end of the year to be upon us, but Time didn’t ask my opinion about that….

BTW, if you’ve subscribed to the Gilman Quarterly newsletter, you’ll be getting a sneak peak at THE COLD EYE in January. Just sayin’…


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