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“I am terrified, but I’m not afraid” (a writing year in review)

This is a story about a story.  But it’s more than that. Somewhere in early 2012, I’d started working on a story, set in the same universe as my short stories “Crossroads” and “The Devil’s Jack” (forthcoming in DEAD MAN’S HAND).  But about three thousand words in, I realized that there was more here than […]

Ch-ch-ch-changes…. (but not much changes at all)

and lo, the news is finally official – Joe Monti makes the move from agenting to editing. Simon & Schuster is preparing to up its presence in the science fiction, fantasy and horror market with the launch of a new imprint dedicated to the category. The as yet unnamed imprint will be overseen by Jon […]

There and Back Again, or the Baltimore Book Festival

This weekend past was the Baltimore Book Festival, where SFWA had their usual pavilion (okay, a large tent), with a bookstore, author signings, and SRO panels.  Seriously, we were packed all day every day, and thanks to everyone who came out and added to really good discussions! (and thanks to the weather, which was perfect) I […]

Boosting the signal, and commentary: C.E. Murphy’s “a momentary reality check”

Preface:  I am normally of the “it’s none of your business how much I earn, any more than how much you earn is any of my business” mindset.  But… maybe this will help people understand.  Or not.  I don’t know. ———————— mizkit posted about writerly income at a momentary reality check and I’m reposting here because, well, WHAT […]

Boosting the Signal on the S&S Situation

What situation, you ask?  This one. This Saturday I saw the New York Times article Barnes and Noble/Simon & Schuster Dispute Said to Hurt Sales. Later in the day, a high-up Simon & Schuster executive also linked to that post from his Facebook account, saying that yes, this is what’s going on. Another article about it […]


Ladies and gentlemen, readers of all ages… ….your first look at the Portals duology!   The truce is broken. The portals are open. The elves are coming. Save your world, early and often.   coming in August!     and, for those of you who can’t wait, a hint of SOUL OF FIRE, the second […]

Today’s Lesson is Zen.

Along with the occasional joys and successes, into every writer’s life come the things that fall through.  The options that are never picked up, the movie deals that stall, the projects that are cancelled, and endless variations through every year and day of your career. They’re not even things that you can maybe use later: […]

For digital-preferring readers in the UK

Many of you have asked (politely, for which I thank you) why you STILL can’t get DRAGON JUSTICE (or the other PSI novels) on Kindle in the UK. Short answer: damned if I know. Slightly longer answer: my publisher has decided not to make the ebooks available in the UK. To say that I do […]