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That Rare New Book Rec

Okay, people, remember when I rolled in here and told y’all to get the finger out and order your copy of THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS, because it was doing that new and interesting thing in fantasy you’d been grumbling you wanted?  How it was so beautifully written and twisty and dark – but without […]

I find this slightly worrying and at the same time deeply reassuring.   (hint: James Patterson and John Irving both had their break-out novel at my age, and Janet Evanovich was older. None of them were on their first (or second) book.)   Explore the careers of some of the world’s most successful authors. Click image […]

Graham Joyce has lost his fight with cancer. The world is a less-well-lit place, now. Graham was the first -and to this day, only – writer I’ve ever shamelessly fangirled, interrupting him at a solo lunch at World Fantasy to tell him how much I loved REQUIEM. The next time I saw him, a year later, […]

Mindy Klasky brought me into this blog tour with a few rather pointed – and makes-me-think – questions.  Like me, she started in fantasy and branched out – most recently with the Diamond Brides series.  Check her out!   1) What am I working on? Two projects, currently.  As L.A. Kornetsky, I’m writing the fourth Gin […]