Boosting the Signal on the S&S Situation

What situation, you ask?  This one.

This Saturday I saw the New York Times article Barnes and Noble/Simon & Schuster Dispute Said to Hurt Sales. Later in the day, a high-up Simon & Schuster executive also linked to that post from his Facebook account, saying that yes, this is what’s going on.

Another article about it was published in the Wall Street Journal: Barnes & Noble Cuts Back Simon & Schuster Titles.

Both articles are worth reading in full, but in brief: due to the dispute between Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble, B&N has cut their orders of S&S books drastically. According to the New York Times, “Industry executives, as well as authors of recently published Simon & Schuster books and their agents, say that Barnes & Noble has reduced book orders greatly, to almost nothing in the case of some lesser-known writers.” This policy began in January, apparently.

Needless to say, the people getting hurt most badly by this policy are the S&S writers, especially the lesser-known S&S writers, whose new books…just aren’t getting ordered.

As an S&S author myself who will probably be caught in the same net, I’m urging you to read Stephanie’s blog,  pass the word, and keep an eye out for your favorite writers…

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