Ch-ch-ch-changes…. (but not much changes at all)

and lo, the news is finally official – Joe Monti makes the move from agenting to editing.

Simon & Schuster is preparing to up its presence in the science fiction, fantasy and horror market with the launch of a new imprint dedicated to the category. The as yet unnamed imprint will be overseen by Jon Anderson, executive v-p and publisher of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, but will, S&S said, publish books “for readers of all ages.” Anderson told PW the audience for the new imprint is seen as “YA and above.”  Anderson has appointed Justin Chandra, v-p and publisher of S&S Books for Young Readers, Atheneum and Margaret K. McElderry, publisher of the imprint and has hired Joe Monti as executive editor.

Yes, the Joe Monti who was my agent.  I’ve already wished him well – hell, I of all his clients understand what it’s like to be offered an imprint to run! – and am thrilled that there’s a new market opening up.  May the best books be bought!

Me?  I’m staying with BGLA.  Part of why I joined the team back in February was because of the overall strength of BGLA, and how incredibly supportive and communicative everyone was, from the office assistant on up.  Barry  knows and likes my work (and, in fact, pointed me at Joe in the first place), and I respect the hell out of his industry knowledge and negotiating skills  So there we are.

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